Return to On-Campus Learning: 2020-2021

After many hours of deliberation and investigation, guided by recommendations from public health agencies and our own school health personnel, we have made the decision to proceed with the scenario of On-Campus Learning Five Days a Week for 2020-2021. For families who aren’t comfortable with returning to campus, we will offer the option of Remote Learning, which will be enhanced by new technologies allowing students to learn and participate, in real-time, with their peers and teachers during classes as if they were in school. 

In making this decision, we are fortunate to benefit from Woodward’s spacious campus, combined with our small class sizes, which allow us to physically distance our students 6 feet between desks in every classroom. This page of our website describes in detail the numerous precautionary measures, from the use of face coverings to a home health screening app, to keep our students safe in our classrooms, on playgrounds, and on our buses.

Please note, our plan is based on current information available to-date and is subject to change based on updated guidance or directives from public health officials and/or the government.

Start of School Key Dates

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All people learn differently. Some do best with a highly structured course of learning, while others learn through play and hands-on, sensory experiences. At Woodward, both the second grader who wants to learn everything they can about the environment and the 11th grader who wants to compose their own piece of music will receive personalized instruction and encouragement. For kids who may struggle with mild to moderate learning differences, our specialized Transition Program teaches to their learning styles, using the same curriculum taught by different methods to help kids master the skills necessary to progress on their educational journey.

student painting with teacher

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woodward student swimming
Woodward Academy Boys Basketball

There’s nothing like the feeling of a big win, and our War Eagles know it well, winning nearly 140 state and regional championships since 2002, and yet, winning isn’t the main focus at Woodward. Coaches teach students to compete, support one another, and win and lose with character and honor--because we believe that when our athletes become good sports on the field, they become good sports in life.

We know a healthy, active body and early understanding of competition and play are integral to healthy brains and happy kids. That’s why our younger students enjoy daily PE and dance twice a week, with the opportunity to play an array of intramural sports and take yoga, fencing, and more. And these same students continue on to become championship-winning War Eagles on our 69 athletic teams and 18 varsity sports.

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student holding hands with child in Zambia
It’s been said that if you look hard enough for it, you’ll find beauty in everything. At Woodward you can’t miss it--it’s decorating the walls and hanging from the rafters at every turn. A stroll through any of Woodward’s many art studios--not to mention the darkroom, the 3D printed jewelry design workshop, or fiber arts studio--shows unrestrained creativity and immense talent.

When it comes to the performing arts, Woodward is proud to be among the best in the state. From developing the courage to take on the spotlight, to meeting the physical demands of performance, to working tirelessly to perfect the crafts of music, dance, acting, and more, our performing arts students put in enormous work, but manage to make it look easy--a lesson that will come in handy time and time again across the course of their lives. This is in part due to award-winning instructors who guide students every step of the way, from the perfect plie in ballet rehearsal to finally getting that F-sharp in band practice.

Just try and not be inspired!

Service Project for United Way



students gardening
girl students smiling
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Our celebration of our unique and beautiful differences expands to the rest of the world--Woodward students also have fantastic opportunities to study abroad and learn through the hands-on experiences, language immersion, and cultural exposure that only global travel and exchange can bring.

Like our deliberate embrace of diversity and global connections, our commitment to service runs throughout the Woodward experience. There’s a flipside to our students having the highest-quality education with every opportunity and resource available to them--it means our kids also are privileged within our local and global community.

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students at graduation ceremony

We know Woodward kids are ready for the world because our network of more than 10,000 alumni prove it to us every day. Breezing through the comparatively “easy” college course loads, heading up their own labs and starting their own businesses before even entering“the real world,” serving in public office, writing masterpiece novels, solving the engineering problems of tomorrow--Woodward alumni are in every corner of the world, living every version of success. But they all have one thing in common: their unique path to success was created at Woodward Academy. And like their Woodward peers, they are prepared and ready for the next challenge.

students seated at graduation ceremony
Howard Hsu and Anita Hsu

"Woodward has a standard of excellence, a focus on building personal character, and an emphasis on accomplishing your goals that we really benefited from. It was also a great place to form friendships and be exposed to other great families that helped shape us. Woodward was, is, a huge part of our lives."– Howard Hsu '95 and Anita Hsu, '98

Roshani Chokshi '09

"I loved the newspaper and the literary magazine, and the publications office felt like the heart of the school in many ways." - Roshani Chokshi '09
Published Author

Juwan Thompson '10

"It was one of the best feelings in the world to make it to the Super Bowl. I wouldn't mind doing it again someday, but I know it's an opportunity that only comes around so many times in your career, if you are lucky," he said. "Some guys have been playing for 10 or 15 years and haven't had the chance to get to the Super Bowl." - Juwan Thompson '10
Running Back
Denver Broncos

Scott Budnick '95

"I sat there and was mesmerized, watching the director on the crane swooping down with the cameras. That was my first time being bitten by the [film] bug. That was an experience I got because of Woodward."- Scott Budnick '95
Film Producer
Founder, Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Erin Cochran '00

"What Woodward taught me is that it is important to put your best foot forward, not someone else's best foot. You can be tremendously successful by recognizing your unique strengths and not trying to imitate somebody else."- Erin Cochran '00
Vice President, Communications
World Food Program USA

William Burton Jones

“I can easily attribute all of my successes in life to my well-rounded foundation at Woodward, a place that molds a young person’s interest in a variety of ways. The high expectations at Woodward help young people with the challenges they will face in life.” – William Burton Jones '98
State Senator

Mary Moore

“The foundation that Woodward provided benefits me every day. The exceptional teachers who developed potential in me that I didn’t see in myself, along with many opportunities to broaden my horizons, fostered the confidence that is a cornerstone of my success.” – Mary Moore '87
Owner, Cooks Warehouse 

Nguyen Nguyenvu

"I am grateful for the cultural diversity that existed at Woodward. Not only was the student demographic diverse; our education was thoughtful and reflective of the world at large." – Dr. Nguyenvu "Winston" Nguyen '90
Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

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